Painting and

These activities are always available and the children are able to choose their own medium – paint, crayons, etc. There is no right or wrong way of painting and drawing; the children are encouraged to express themselves freely and at first may simply wish to cover the paper with colour.

Water, sand and

Children find these facinating and need not get in a mess in the process, as plastic aprons are provided.  Their play allows the children to learn about the properties of liquids and solids.


Books for all ages and levels of ability are available at all times for the children to handle and for adults to read to them.


Pre-school children enjoy singing, moving and playing along to music & we recognise the value & simple pleasure of incorporating music into as much of our daily routine as possible


Cutting and gluing activities are messy, but they give the children the opportunity to experiment, to learn manipulation skills and discover shapes.

Physical activity

In our garden we have lots of space for the children to enjoy. We are delighted to have completely refurbished and transformed our outdoor play area and garden, completed in September 2022.

Imaginary play

Various props, farms, garages, dolls furniture and dressing up clothes give the children the opportunity to act out imaginary situations based on real life.

Construction toys

We have construction toys that can be used inside and outside. These include duplo, trains, vehicles and tools, all of which help develop manipulation skills and basic mathematical concepts about space, shape and size.

“The welfare, happiness and development of the children is at the heart of everything they do”

– W, parent