Our staff

There are three very dedicated members of staff, the majority with children of our own.  We are registered and regularly inspected by Ofsted, and as a member of the Pre-school Leaning Alliance we regularly review and update our skills and undertake any relevant training.

We have an child:adult ratio of 4:1 for the 2 to 3 year olds and 8:1 for 3+ year olds.

In order to ensure the quality of the day care, a childcare development worker from the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership visits us on a regular basis and offers help and advice in all aspects of the pre-school.

An Early Years co-ordinator is also available to offer advice on the curriculum.

Our team

Hello, my name is Emma. I have been working at Playgroup for 5 years. I am officially the Deputy Manager but for the time being I will be the Acting Manager. I am NVQ Level 3 qualified as well as First Aid and Safeguarding trained. I have 3 children who have all been through Playgroup and are now in full time school. I love the teaching and learning aspect of my job – learning through play is such an enjoyable experience and incredibly rewarding.

Emma Carney

Hello, my name is Evelise. I will be the Acting Deputy Manager at Playgroup for now.  I am NVQ Level 3 qualified and have been working in childcare for over 20 years. My favourite part of the job is seeing how much progress a child can make in such a short time. I love to be creative and using the children’s interests to make wonderful artwork – the more glittery and messier the better!

Evelise Rocha

Hello, my name is Tina. I am NVQ Level 3 qualified and have been working here for 21 years. I am also Safeguarding and First Aid trained. I knew the Playgroup when it was a small setting located in the village. I love the outdoors and nature and love to encourage the children to be mucky and inquisitive. I also love introducing maths into many activities. The calming influence of being outside and a bit of fresh air can solve most problems when you are under 5!

Tina Robins

The committee

Chairperson:  Carrie Gadsby
Treasurer:  Maebh Booth
Enrolments Officer :  Maebh Booth
Secretary :  Carly Jackson
General Members:  Olwen Grant, Kate Skelhorn, Richard Skelhorn, Hannah King, Rachel Dwyer

A parent management committee – whose members are elected by the parents of the children who attend the playgroup – manages the playgroup. The elections take place at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in the Autumn Term each year. The committee is responsible for:

1. managing the playgroup’s finances
2. employing and managing the staff
3. making sure that the playgroup has, and works to, policies which help it to provide a high quality service
4. making sure that the playgroup works in partnership with the children’s parents.

The Annual General Meeting is open to the parents of all of the children who attend the playgroup.  It is their forum for looking back over the previous year’s activities and shaping the coming year’s activities.

The committee works on a completely voluntary basis. There must be a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary who are the “officers” of the Committee and a minimum of 3 and maximum of 9 other members.  All members are required by Ofsted to have health and police checks.  The playgroup has an inspection by Ofsted where the premises and the general running of the playgroup are inspected. All staff members also have the above-mentioned checks. It is the responsibility of the Committee to ensure that the playgroup adheres to all new regulations and guidelines.

The committee is also responsible for ensuring the financial security of the playgroup and organising fundraising events.

Being on the committee means that you have a chance to have your say and contribute to the running of the playgroup.

At this important early learning stage, we encourage parents to participate in all aspects of pre-school life. There are many opportunities in which to be involved from joining the committee to helping with fund raising events.  Please remember that the parents run the playgroup.

Health and Safety

The health, safety and welfare of everyone in the group are paramount at all times.  All staff are familiar with the safety procedures regarding illness and accidents.  All accidents and incidents, however minor, are recorded on an individual accident or incident sheet which parents are asked to sign and date.  We ensure that at least one first aid trained staff member is present at each session.

Interested in working for Pangbourne Valley Playgroup?

If you are interested in joining our friendly team, please contact us about any current vacancies.  We are an equal opportunities employer.